Allied Agricultural Sciences

The Department of Agricultural Allied Sciences is interdisciplinary in nature wherein scientists from the disciplines of Food & Agricultural Process Engineering, Food Science and Nutrition, Forestry, Environmental Sciences, Biochemistry and Animal Husbandry are working as a team to handle courses and research programs. This department has well equipped laboratories including Food Science, Biochemistry, Environmental Science, Engineering Workshop and Animal Husbandry Unit. Our department has dedicated staff members who are experienced in the field of research. The department has adequate infrastructure to offer quality education and training.

Food and Agricultural Process Engineering

Agricultural Engineering deals with the mechanization in production and postproduction agriculture using hand operated tools, farm implements and machineries etc

At the present time mechanization plays a vital role in agriculture which helps to increase the production and productivity by timely operation through learning these courses students will be equipped with knowledge of operation and maintenance of agricultural machineries and working of conventional machinery and recent technologies involved in it.

Students will be learning to drive tractor and power tiller with mounted implements then different operations such as wetland puddling and dry land ploughing

Agricultural Engineering department involving teaching Farm Machinery and Power, Food and Agricultural Process Engineering, Soil and Water Conservation Engineering and Renewable Energy

Students will also be familiar with the techniques for soil and water conservation in agricultural land. In addition to that students acquires knowledge about renewable energy generation from agro residues.

Food Science and Nutrition

Food Science and Nutrition includes the components of foods, their chemistry and technologies involved in processing and preservation, food safety and human nutrition for overall health and wellbeing of the community.

This Department provides the students in depth knowledge and skills for enhancing employability and entrepreneurship in the areas of Food Processing, Value addition, Product Development, Quality Control, Food safety, Nutrition and Dietetics

Food science and nutrition laboratory equipped with all the necessary facilities to conduct classes for UG students. In addition, the students acquire knowledge about Processing and value addition of Agricultural and Horticultural crops.

Environmental Science

Environmental Science deals with technologies to mitigate environmental problems for sustainable agriculture

The study of environmental science provides the students to know about the possibility of recycling solid and liquid wastes for agricultural and horticulture applications, development of Bioremediation technologies for pollution abatement and to develop strategies for conservation and restoration of biodiversity and the healthy resilience of natural ecosystem

ENS laboratory have been equipped with good infrastructure facilities and have composting unit.


Bio-Chemistry is an advanced course which forms the basis for other fields like Bioinformatics, Microbiology Biotechnology and Molecular biology

The fields of Agriculture, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Sciences are incomplete without a sound knowledge of Biochemistry

Recent advances in Bio-technology and its Industrial applications have been possible only due to thorough understanding of the underlying principles of Biochemistry

This department produces students with sound background of theoretical and experimental Biochemistry The department is equipped with adequate infrastructure to provide an objective oriented learning besides covering the topics as per mentioned in the syllabus.

Food Science and Nutrition


Dr. Karpagavalli B

Assistant Professor (FSN) & Head

Agricultural Engineering


Mr. Sakthivel A

Assistant Professor (FOR)

Er. Preethi Vardhini S

Assistant Professor (FPE)

Environmental Sciences


Ms. Priyanga S

Assistant Professor (ENS)



Dr. Divya N

Assistant Professor (BIC)

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