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Apart from regular courses, following are some of the innovative introductions made currently to strengthen and to expose the students to real world situation. Experiential Learning as Hands of Training, Rural Agriculture Work Experience (RAWE), Commercial Agriculture Courses, Post Harvest Technology, Computer Applications, Environmental Sciences, Agriculture Biotechnology, Organic Farming, Farming System and Natural Resource Management, Bio-fertilizers, Bio-pesticides, Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Sericulture are incorporated in the curricula and given top priority for imparting good basic foundation in terms of acquiring knowledge and skill. The current system of education is very much fixed and to cater the needs and aspiration of the individual student, a semi fixed system with limited flexibility for students to choose the course of his interest from a list of courses grouped under Cafeteria courses up to 20 credits is introduced from 2013- 2014 batch.

Commercial Agriculture

Seed production and Mushroom production

Bio-pesticide and Bio-fertilizer production

Broiler chicken production

Nursery technology

Agricultural Economics


Mr. Sankar S

Assistant Professor (AEC) & Head

Dr. Vijayasarathy K

Assistant Professor (AEC)

Agricultural Extension


Ms. Meena M

Assistant Professor (AEX)

Mr. Sanjeevi P

Assistant Professor (AEX)

Humanaties, Physical Sciences and Computer Sciences


Dr. Pandiyarajan R

Assistant Professor (Maths)

Dr. Alagu Karthikeyan A

Assistant Professor (Computer Science)

Mr. Loganathan S

Assistant Professor (Tamil)

Mr. Sivakumar V

Assistant Director of Physical Education

Dr. Balaji K

Assistant Librarian

Our Department Facilities

Farm Machinery

Animal Husbandry

Food Processing

Post Harvesting


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